My name is Fiona. I'm nineteen and Irish. I'm interested in art, horror, landscapes, biology and language. I'm a psychology student in Dublin.


BL-1402, 2014.
Ballpoint pen on canvas, 88 x 118 inches (223.5 x 299.7 cm).
Il Lee

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some pretty colors 

the second one was my attempt at long exposure 

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this shit got so real

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For who would dare to assert that eternal happiness can compensate for a single moment’s human suffering

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Amnesia (Studio Version) - 5SOS

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Hidehiko SakashitaTokyo Tower in Winter #2, 2010


Hidehiko Sakashita
Tokyo Tower in Winter #2, 2010

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Script Studies Vol. 1 (by Christopher Craig)

A study of script lettering. Each excercise was to create a visual statement by manipulating the letterforms. This was also an exercise to stay away from throwing all the images into photoshop, I wanted to create the effects by hand to give it more of a personal touch.”

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Hannah Kemp | Tumblr

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